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Nai Academy

The online academic resource centre, covering STD. 4 to Form 4 of the 8-4-4 system. Offering summarised content & online tutors for realtime support to each student.

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Our Resources INCLUDE


On the extreme right of each class page there are qualified tutors waiting to engage each student as the student desires.

Summarised Syllabus & Topical Questions

A topical summary of each subject from STD 4 to form 4. As per the 8-4-4 syllabus.

Discussion Chat-rooms

The platform has free chatrooms for every subject to encourage engagement among students and tutors.

Academic Counselling

Subscribed students have access to a well guided Academic counselling Chat room.

Short Video & Audio Lessons

Our tutors are currently working on short video and audio lessons on specific concepts. Which will be posted progressively.

Free access to E-Hub Past Papers

Subscribed students have free access to over 2,800 past papers provided through E-hub, for their use. th

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